Sep 15

Myspace Advertising Testing

Myspace opened their advertisement platform and I gave a shot. Myspace has lot more users however, there are so many spammers, internet marketers, and International users as well. The ad formats are choose between 728×90 and 300×250 banner ads which is lot better than Facebook ads.

I tested only with 300×250 banner from Premade, but myspace provides tool you can modify you banner on the fly.
Niche I tested was 18+ only dating site and payout was $3.50 per free sign-up, why?, because I thought myspace users has lot of male who might interest another dating(social?) site. It took almost 30 hours to get approved and I got instant traffics after approval.

I submitted 3 more campaigns, zip submit, ringtone, and weight loss tea, but I am still waiting for approval(seems like they don’t work during weekend).

In Myspace(so far), you can put direct links as destination URL which many marketing platforms are not allowed and rule is less strict than Facebook Ads. I used Direct links for dating campaign(I will test with Landing page later and compare).

One thing I don’t like in Myspace ads is $0.25 per click minimum bid and approval takes way too long.

Result: Well I lost some money. I spent $300 and made $227.50 with 6% conversion rate. But if I could bring conversion rate to 10%, then I migh able to make some nice profit.

Aug 24

Make Money with

Last week, I was looking at my site that I did not do anything long time. It is affiliate site using AOM script. I promoted via Adwords(PPC) last year about 3 month and I was able making around $500 per month profit but I stop promoted because payment structure sucks. If you getting check as payment, Amazon take out $5 fee and you getting payment after 2 month.

Well, I just checked my account, guess what? I made $160 last month without doing anything and this month will be around $100 profit. Yeah, it is small change but I was thinking if I have 10 sites like this, it can generate nice extra money I can spend. Why Because People trust amazon shopping cart.

SO, yes you can make money with But you have to have Micro Niche. My site is about Power Tools and It works(converts) well with Brand Name Model Name KWs. It did not work well with just brand name alone.

Here is How I did,

  • Select Niche – Not huge competitive, Item price should be $100+ because commission rate is 6%.
  • Register Domain Name(good ecommerce name)
  • Set up Amazon Store with Automated Script(my favorite is AOM, $99 for Unlimited Domains)
  • Start Build BackLinks Slowly- Directory, Several Articles to Article Directories, Social Networking, etc
  • After Several Month, Site can generate Several Hundred $$ in Auto Pilot
  • Build Another Niche Site

Good Niche to Start.

Power Tools, Bicycles, Outdoor Gears

Aug 16

Start from Scratch – Blogs, Content Sites

Long story short – I need to rebuild my web site business again from scratch. I will build Ebay Affiliate Sites, Content Sites, and Blogs.

My Project:
1. Build Around 20 Micro Niche Ebay Affiliate Site.
Goal : Making around $2000 per month from all sites in next 6 Month which is each site making around $100 per month which is very doable.
Marketing : Bum Marketing, Build backlinks via Free Directory, Blog comments. I will try not to spend too much.
Budget: $100 per site and earning will put it back to site development.

2. Build around 10 Content Sites. I am following JimKarter Chemotherapy Case Study.
His case study goal is making $1000 per month after 12 month and after month 4, site is making $60 per month now.
I am trying to follow Jim and I got my own domain(Very similar to Jim’s chemo domain). I got another site just started and I am spending around $3-$5 per articles from freelancers. JimKarter Case study does not including content spending since he has his own writers but I don’t.

Goal: Making Around $300 per month per site by end of this year.
Marketing: BackLink build, Blog Comments, Link Exchange
Budget: $500 per site and earning will put it back to site development.

3. Blogging
I will focus on this blog, gadget blog, and weight loss blog as my main income stream after 6 month.

Goal: Making Around $10,000 per month from 3 Blogs. All blogs are just started but somewhat start seeing some traffics.
Marketing: Contest, Blog comments, Link Exchange
Budget: $500 per site and earning will put it back to site development.

I will update my progress, what I did every month with some earning numbers.

Aug 10

I have JohnChow’s Blog Review($500), Will have contest to give out

I have one John Chow’s Blog Review ticket which is $500 and I will give out to One Lucky Winner.

I haven’t finalize contest yet but I will post complete rules coming week, so stay tune. It will be great opportunity for Your blog or site.

May 15

I am back..

I’ve been so busy to rebuild my Make Money Online from scratch again and it is show some progress. I am not make any money yet but break even or small lose..Here is my focus, Content based Blog networks(only several) Sites, Keep current web directories, keep current sites and keep build back links.

Ibusinesstalk will be my personal blog and I will write my make money online experience every day.

Mar 27

Got Gift from – I am a Ezine Expert Author

Got Gift from with Their how-to write better article manual.

I am a Ezine Expert Author according to Mousepad..but Ezinearticles, who using Mouse Pad these days? Well I guess I could try to use it but would Cool T-Shirt works better on Promotion? Mouse Pad is so year 2000.

Anyway, thanks for the gift and hope my articles bring some money in long run.

I haven’t post much lately because I am launching new campaigns from Adwords everyday. If I found something working, I will post here.

Seems like there is manual check and automated check on Adwords and slapping many affiliators with $5.00, $10.00 Min bid. I got one too from my Dating campaign..QS was great and min bid was $ it went upto $5.00 Min but keep trying other way.

Mar 18

This month Goal

I read campaign blast ebook and it make sense. You Never know unless you try it. I am launching new Adwords Campaign for Many Niche Market from Clickbanks, Azoogle, Rocketprofits, Hydra, and Neverblueads.

So far, no conversion yet and spend $$ every day, but if you find one or two campaign that converts, then it will payoff soon.

So, whoever very frustrate like me, just two words. Never Give up and Keep Trying. Don’t just dump keywords into campaign will not work, you have to come up with some action keywords into main keywords. Also think outside of box for example, for bride – she might interest lose some pounds before wedding, therefore, 2 day slim production might sell. Who knows, try it. I will try it this week.

So, For March, I will setup around 100 new campaign and watch carefully.

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