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May 15

I am back..

I’ve been so busy to rebuild my Make Money Online from scratch again and it is show some progress. I am not make any money yet but break even or small lose..Here is my focus, Content based Blog networks(only several) Sites, Keep current web directories, keep current sites and keep build back links. Ibusinesstalk will …

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Mar 27

Got Gift from – I am a Ezine Expert Author

Got Gift from with Their how-to write better article manual. I am a Ezine Expert Author according to Mousepad..but Ezinearticles, who using Mouse Pad these days? Well I guess I could try to use it but would Cool T-Shirt works better on Promotion? Mouse Pad is so year 2000. Anyway, thanks for the gift …

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Mar 18

This month Goal

I read campaign blast ebook and it make sense. You Never know unless you try it. I am launching new Adwords Campaign for Many Niche Market from Clickbanks, Azoogle, Rocketprofits, Hydra, and Neverblueads. So far, no conversion yet and spend $$ every day, but if you find one or two campaign that converts, then it …

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Jan 29

Win a Month 300×250 Advertising at

For my Birthday and Chinese New Year Contest! Win Free 300×250 Advertising at!(you should check out Stefan Birthday Contest) I am running this contest to increase my rss subscribers which will not make me more money but it will give me motivation to write more blog here and try to make more money on …

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Jan 01

Happy New Year..Let’s Make More Money Online in 2008

Happy New Year everybody..Looks like I made little bit over $100k, mostly comes from Contextual. In 2008, I wish I could break $200K or more. I will concentrated on Affiliate Marketing more and will be hire Virtual Employee so I could do more jobs done. I will blog about my progress in 2008 more often. …

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Dec 19

You think directory business is gone? Think again

I got an email from one of biggest UK web marketing firm and they said they like to purchase bulk listing in one of my directories. It was like $1300+ for one job. After done with first directory, I sent them emails about my other directories with special price. Now, we close another quick bulk …

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Nov 04

So You thought Make Money Online Easy?

So You thought make money so easy right? Get domain, setup simple html Landing page, get 1000s keywords from keyword generator and start PPC campaigns with Adwords, YMS, and Adcenter. Then you watch money rolling easy is that. NOT!!! It is just hard to make good profit from Online business. But many bloggers, online …

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