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Jun 12

Matt Cutt Site Reviews on Google I/O Developer conference

You must watch this video.

Aug 24

Make Money with

Last week, I was looking at my site that I did not do anything long time. It is affiliate site using AOM script. I promoted via Adwords(PPC) last year about 3 month and I was able making around $500 per month profit but I stop promoted because payment structure sucks. If you getting …

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Mar 09

10K/Month Clickbank Method – Part II – Extremely Simple Landing Page vs. Frame Redirect

For those of you that were following my original thread on this method, you’ll remember that instead of the simple landing page above, I was using frame redirect pages. The idea with this adwords-clickbank method is to make it as simple as possible to make money promoting clickbank products on adwords. The simplest way to …

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Mar 04

10K/Month Clickbank Method – Post from DP

10K/Month Clickbank Method – Post from DP and I thought it is good post to share. _______________________________________________ 1)Pick a Clickbank Product: I personally tend to stay away from the following types of products: -Internet marketing – too much competition unless you put together a kick-ass landing page and give away bonuses (read: bribe) that are …

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Jan 27

Do you Have American Express Card? You should if You are Web marketer

Do you know American Express Gold Small Business card gives back 5% from Yahoo Marketing Solutions? I am spending around $3,000 per month at Yahoo and I am paying with American Express Card which covers one of my server fee. If you are using $10k per month, that is $500 back to your account. Also, …

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Dec 06

Las Vegas for PPC Classroom Live Trip was Good

I stayed 4 days at Las Vegas for PPC 2 day seminar. It was great, lot of people(I think it was 250+) who wants to make money online like these speakers. Did I learn anything? well not so much, little tips here and there but of course they will not reveal their secrets until you …

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Nov 16

I am going to Las Vegas for PPC Classroom Live Hands On PPC Lab

“2 Days of Pure “PPC” Training From The Top Experts In The Industry…” I am going Las Vegas for 2 day class..I am leaving on Nov. 30th and coming back on Dec. 3rd. I was debating to go to Pubcon since I am there anyway but Pubcon still cost alot of money. I might try …

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