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Nov 27

QJ Network is on Sale at Sitepoint – is this real?

After I browsing Sitepoint and I found network is on sale for several million dollar as minimum bid. It is amazing network with great amount of contents and traffics. If you can pull out some money from investor, bank, or local angels, this will be great investment. Yes folks, that’s right, “The Quick …

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Oct 17

So Who will own Facebook, Microsoft or Google?

According to Wallstreet Journal, SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook Inc. is close to choosing between Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to sell ads for the social networking service outside the U.S., according to people familiar with the matter. In a related negotiation, the winner of the international ad sales partnership is expected to buy a minority …

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Sep 02

Apple is approaching to Ringtone Market

Now, Apple is using iTune to sell Ringtones as well as songs. is this end of Ringtone era? iTune has ringtone converter built in and will convert song to ringtone and it is cost $.99 per ringtone. Well, but for now, it is only working with iPhones, however, they might go after other phones, carriers. …

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Apr 11

Another Buy Out Rumor – Ebay buys StumbleUpon

I saw this news when I browse Google Stock News. It’s barely been a month since Business 2.0 put out this year’s Next Net list, and already one of the companies on it, StumbleUpon, is rumored to have sold itself to eBay (EBAY) for about $40 million. Through a spokesperson, StumbleUpon declines to comment. And …

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Mar 05

Everybody after Google

Viacom suing Youtube forfor “massive intentional copyright infringement” , asking a federal court for more than $1bn in damages. Microsoft launches a fierce attack on Google over its “cavalier” approach to copyright, accusing the internet company of exploiting books, music, films and television programmes without permission. Only in America.

Jan 23

WickedFire got an offer of $16mil

From I just got off of the phone with a pretty well known person who runs a company that snaps up big properties and he offered me $16 million for WickedFire. The whole offer was $16M over 3 years or $11 million at one shot. Needless to say, I turned him down without even …

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Jan 17

I hope I could make it to Elite Retreat this May

Thanks to Elite Retreat that they coming to eastern side. They planned to have one at Orlando, FL in sometime in May, 2007. I hope I could save some money($5000) so I could attend to the event and have annual family vacation in Disney after that. Also, it will be nice if they could post …

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