Mar 09

10K/Month Clickbank Method – Part II – Extremely Simple Landing Page vs. Frame Redirect

For those of you that were following my original thread on this method, you’ll remember that instead of the simple landing page above, I was using frame redirect pages.

The idea with this adwords-clickbank method is to make it as simple as possible to make money promoting clickbank products on adwords. The simplest way to do this is through direct-linking, by using one’s hoplink in the display and destination URL of the adwords ad.

However, adwords has a “double-serving” rule, which says that only one ad per URL will be shown for each keyword. This means that if two affiliates have created ads targeted at the same keyword, only one of those ads will be shown (the one with the better QS or higher bid or both…I’m not sure).

To solve this problem, I was creating frame redirect pages to be stored on my own server. I would put my domain’s URL on the adwords ads, and use coding in on the frame redirect pages to automatically redirect the visitor to the merchant’s site.

The major problem with that approach is that both adwords, and clickbank (as some of you have pointed out to me recently), do not allow the use of frame redirects. Continuing to to do risks getting banned by both sites.

So a couple days ago I set out to find a better alternative to frame redirects. One of you in a post in the original thread suggested that I used a blank page with just “click here to go the website” as a link to the merchant’s page, to replace the frame redirect. I thought that was a very good idea (to me it was. I’m not a creative person!)

What I did was set up the landing page as described in the post above, including a little piece of code that, every time someone lands on this landing page, will record the visit in a log file. As a part of the test, I linked from the “>>Enter Website Click Here<<" text to a frame redirect (just for testing's sake - not for implementation - please see post above), which would redirect to the merchant's. On the frame redirect script I inserted the same piece of code that would record each click to another log file.

Sorry for being confusing… Essentially what I did was record the number of landing page impressions in one file, and the number of click throughs in another file.

I did this for the best campaign I have, for the adgroup that was getting the most traffic. Almost two days later, here are the results: 1019 impression and 910 clickthroughs, meaning 89.3% of the people that saw the landing page, 89.3% of the people clicked through to the merchant’s.

Granted, I know I wouldn’t be getting the same amount of traffic or sales as I would otherwise get with a frame redirect. But at least with this simple landing page I’d be able to sleep at night without dreaming about receiving the dreaded “your account is shut down because you’ve been bad” notifications from adwords and clickbank…

I’ve also done a simple analysis of how this change could impact on my profits….will post that later. Gotta go get some work done


Source: http://forums.digitalpoint.com/showthread.php?t=734680


  1. Jason Fox

    Awesome Affiliate/Adwords tips. You hardly need to write an e-book with all the info you gave. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dr. Andrew Colyer

    HEY! You just helped me to know how to forward my URL’s! Thank you so much!
    If you’re going to teach us how to make $10K per month with Clickbank, I’ll be back! Thank you.
    Dr. Andrew Colyer

  3. www.bing.com

    Incredible points. Sound arguments. Keep up the great effort.

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