Dec 05

Progress So Far with Micro Niche Sites

Since I came back from Korea trip, I registered about 80 micro niche domains and build sites around it. I outsourced all writings and some of ezinearticles submission. So far, many domains are show up in page 1(around 20%) without doing any hard backlink building. My Adsense income is increase little bit(around 20% increase)..it is not much but this is for long term project(3-4 Month to see some real result)..

The one small site I created last year, now it is getting some traffics and earnings($7-$3 per day) which I haven’t touched last 6 month.

One small finance site with only EzineArticles traffic site gets around 20 uniques per day but I am getting crazy $2-$5 per click..

My Goal is build around 300 sites by end of Jan, 2010 and getting $200 per day from Adsense. I will write some progress post here.

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  1. Dino

    Very interesting indeed. Would be impressive if the small finance site gets more traffic and larger conversion on clicks.

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