Sep 03

What did I do last Month and a Half?

My Business focus is changed little bit. I am go after micro niche site and starting out so called ’super site(site brings $100+ per day)’. So far, I created around 50 Micro Niche Sites using WP and 2 Super Sites last 2 Month. What about Income? I see little bit increase in Adsense, 200% increase in Amazon.com commissions.

My Goal is Creating 100 Micro Niche Sites and 3-5 Super Sites(meaning 100+ posts each site) and Start build backlinks by End of this month. Of course, I am outsourcing most of content writing and I am focusing on search Keywords, find niche, and build backlinks.

Income goals are $1000+ per month from Amazon,$2000 from Ebay, and $6000 per month from Adsense, Ad Space by End of this year.

I will posting my progress, so don’t forget to subscribe my blog….


  1. baloot

    i will be waiting for your progress.. don’t forget to take screenshot for your Amazon n Adsense account to for give us a prove.

    gud luck mate!

  2. evster

    Did it work? How did you do in that 60 day period?

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