Feb 01

New Way to Create Linkwheels – Web2.0 Backlinks and Traffics

This linkwheel method is looks very interesting and great way to build web2.0 property backlinks to your money site.

Blog Farm Diagram

Green, blue and gray buttons are pages on high PR WEB 2.0 Properties like:

MSN Spaces, Quizilla, Live Journal, Multiply.com, Netcipia.com, Squarespace.com, Linkedln, Bebo, Blogspot, Nexo, Ning, Onsugar, Bravejournal, Gather, Squidoo, ArticlesFactory.com, WebProNews, Articlesbase.com, Articlealley.com, Amazines.com, Articledashboard.com, Articlesnatch.com, Ideamarketers.com, Articlecity.com, Isnare.com, SearchWarp

Green Buttons are the backbone.

They receive links from everywhere and are interlinked in a way that is virtually undetectable by algorithms. It’s called a Hamiltonian path which is an NP-Complete problem. An NP-Complete problem is a problem that there’s no known exact algorithm to compute it, only approximates can be used. Keep in mind that because of some links going from the green buttons into blue ones, it kinda breaks the perfect Hamiltonian path, but if we weren’t to do that we would be left without further diversification and the benefits that the blue (and gray) buttons give us.

Blue buttons are secondary sites which further strengthen the green network, as well as link to inner pages of our main website.

Gray buttons are fillers that are not linked from anywhere in the network (although they can be). They provide some more strength for the entire network and act as some kind of distraction, since they’re neutral (not linked from anywhere).

Yellow arrows represent the links between the green network.

Blue arrows represent the Hamiltonian path which carefully directs the juice into the upper green button, which should be the strongest site in your network. This website then links to your main website.

Red arrows are links to your main website or pages from your main website.

Pink arrows randomly interlink your entire network.
source: http://www.shareaschnitzel.com/

Dec 05

Progress So Far with Micro Niche Sites

Since I came back from Korea trip, I registered about 80 micro niche domains and build sites around it. I outsourced all writings and some of ezinearticles submission. So far, many domains are show up in page 1(around 20%) without doing any hard backlink building. My Adsense income is increase little bit(around 20% increase)..it is not much but this is for long term project(3-4 Month to see some real result)..

The one small site I created last year, now it is getting some traffics and earnings($7-$3 per day) which I haven’t touched last 6 month.

One small finance site with only EzineArticles traffic site gets around 20 uniques per day but I am getting crazy $2-$5 per click..

My Goal is build around 300 sites by end of Jan, 2010 and getting $200 per day from Adsense. I will write some progress post here.

Nov 22

Ebay Search is Down – Bargain?

Ebay Search is down..can you find any bargain? It is really bad for EPN Affiliates since it returns 0 and site performances are way down because page(s) have to wait for EPN Search to return.

Hopefully it is just minor error..

Oct 01

Sept. 09 Report

It was kinda slow month for me, same level of income but traffics has been increase little bit. I created several micro niche sites and I created 2 Super sites(target $3000+ per month) and it will finish up by end of October. Keyword search is the key for content site, so I did some keyword search and came up with 50 Keywords for each site with ok search volume, low competition. I will using Article marketing first to build up some backlinks and some traffics to the site. We will see how it goes by end of this year.

Also, I will travel to S. Korea Next 17 Days!! I will post some great Korean Food, etc Pictures.

Sep 03

What did I do last Month and a Half?

My Business focus is changed little bit. I am go after micro niche site and starting out so called ’super site(site brings $100+ per day)’. So far, I created around 50 Micro Niche Sites using WP and 2 Super Sites last 2 Month. What about Income? I see little bit increase in Adsense, 200% increase in Amazon.com commissions.

My Goal is Creating 100 Micro Niche Sites and 3-5 Super Sites(meaning 100+ posts each site) and Start build backlinks by End of this month. Of course, I am outsourcing most of content writing and I am focusing on search Keywords, find niche, and build backlinks.

Income goals are $1000+ per month from Amazon,$2000 from Ebay, and $6000 per month from Adsense, Ad Space by End of this year.

I will posting my progress, so don’t forget to subscribe my blog….

Jul 21

Making $1000+ per month in Autopilot Next 60 days

I have around 10 Ebay Affiliate sites that using BAN which is doing $600-$1000 per month without doing anything. I am planning to scale out to 100 niche sites which can bring good income. And Ban Creator created new step by step training program which looks really good. Few Month back, I sold my 3 month old a BAN site for $2500..so if you put your act together today, you can make some good extra income or full time income.

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online Is…

A NEW 9 step guide called:
The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

Put together by the creators of Build A Niche Store (BANS) and based on their 4 1/2 years experience making money in the way the guide describes coupled with their 2 1/2 years experience helping thousands do the same through their development and support of Build A Niche Store, The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online shows you how to take a simple concept:

– Promoting other peoples products through small content based websites

And through planning , structure and commitment build an entirely new income stream that can replace your salary or if you take the model through to its conclusion – result in a 6 even 7 figure annual business.

For under $50 you get everything they know written out in a framework which you can use to start making money in this way.

A real product put together by 2 people who know what they’re talking about.

Well worth checking out…

The Number 1 Way To Make Money Online

Jun 12

Matt Cutt Site Reviews on Google I/O Developer conference

You must watch this video.

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